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Senin, 21 September 2009

Cinta Laura

cinta laura bugil
Artist Cinta Laura with her confidence. she said, there is many mans telling her look like Hollywood artist Angelina Jolie (actually i don't think so). But, she never bothered people word.

Cinta laura foto Telanjang

"People say my lip is like Angelina Jolie (i don't think so either). But I don't care. people say anythings, the important I thank Good to give me beautiful face," he said when met in between video clip making of Mulan Jameela is entitling Wonder Woman, in Loops Studio, Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta. (what i says the girl is offer confidence LOL)

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Aparted and time is not one barriers for someone for the shake of meeting with the sweetheart. this happen with Cinta Laura Keihl. This young artist volunteer pass through over from her residency in Rancamaya, Bogor, to Pondok Indah, just for meeting Ahmad Dhani. Cinta laura Seksi.

"I'm really happy, the problem is, Dhani is my biggest fans," says Cinta Laura with the muddle language in house Dhani, Jl Pinang Emas VII/D4, Maisonette Respects, Wednesday ( 6/2).

"I am very nervous when asked to sings in front of hims, but I think this is my opportunity to show my sing ability." said girl which also fans of underground band SLIPKNOT.

" I hope he to like my voice, that is all," she said again. Cinta Laura Sexy.

And according to Maia "husband", Cinta Laura has singing talent, and of course it must train alot, if she would serious to plunge to the music industry.

Cinta Laura Bikini Foto Cinta Laura Telanjang

Cinta Laura Hot.

Selasa, 15 September 2009

Foto Artis Bunga Citra Lestari Bikini

Bunga started her career on television as a drama actress. The TV series that she has played were ABG, Senandung Masa Puber, Kala Cinta Menggoda, Penjaga Hati, and others. She later moved on as a singer and as a film actress.

Bunga started her music career in 2004 on a collaboration with PAS Band. She also recorded a single entitled "Saat Kau Pergi" for a soundtrack-album for film Dealova in 2005. Her debut album Cinta Pertama was released in 2006 with the hits singles, "Cinta Pertama" and "Aku Tak Mau Sendiri". Her first album was success and sold out 75,000 copies on the first week in Indonesia. This album raised up her name as a famous singer. She also starred her first film with the same title with her album, Cinta Pertama. This film also got then same success with her first studio album.

Bunga Citra Lestari

In 2007, Bunga starred her second film entitled Kangen. The soundtrack of this film was also taken from Bunga's first album, titled "Mengapa Harus Terjadi". At the end of 2007, she did a duet with Indonesian singer, Ari Lasso in a single titled "Aku dan Dirimu". From her collaboration with Ari Lasso, she won an award from Indonesian Music Awards (AMI) for "Best Pop Collaboration".

Bunga Citra Lestari bugil

Bunga released her second studio album in 2008 entitled Tentang Kamu. The album produced her successful singles, "Tentang Kamu" and "Pernah Muda". In the same year she also starred in 2 films entitled Ada Kamu, Aku Ada and Saus Kacang with her husband, Ashraf Sinclair.

Foto Artis Cantik Bunga Citra Lestari

Minggu, 06 September 2009

Foto Seksi Vj Marisa Nasution

Foto Marisa Seksi

VJ Marissa was Born in Jakarta, 8 February 1986, Marissa was obtained as a gift High Quality Singles Valentine episode in 2005, reality show Katakan CInta. But now the descendants of German women-Batak is a love affair with Daniel Mananta, which is also MTV VJ.
Marissa Nasution or better known as VJ Marissa, is a popular event of the event after the MTV VJ Hunt 2007.
starting career as a session on some events as MTV Guest VJ, before then becoming the official MTV VJ.

 Foto Sexi Marisa Vj MTVMarissa Nasution, or better known as VJ Marissa is a popular host the event after attending the MTV VJ Hunt 2007, although the title did not successfully achieved.

Beginning his career as host of the MTV by some as a Guest VJ, before later formally became MTV VJ.

Born in Jakarta, February 8, 1986, Marissa had a gift as a High Quality Singles on Valentine's Day episode in 2005, reality show Say Love. But now a woman of German descent-Batak is an affair with Daniel Mananta, which is also MTV VJ.

Now Marissa and Daniel together to host a talent contest program, Indonesian Idol. With the help of Dewi Sandra, Marissa Ata replace the role currently living in Australia.

In his love life, making love with Marissa professional colleagues at the MTV VJ Daniel. However, their relationship has now ended.

About a new boyfriend of VJ Marissa
Separated from Daniel Mananta, MTV video jockey Marissa Nasution claimed to have found her mooring men. A man faced a known albino named Rafael, known as a movie star's new boyfriend MY NAME IS DICK (2008) it.

In his testimony, former presenter INDONESIA IDOL is also denied that during this, his new girlfriend hidden from the public. But all of them, more because the boyfriend is never anything to do with the entertainment world. Because of that, her face never appeared on television.

Marissa also revealed that her ex-boyfriend was aware of and familiar with the man who has become her lover's. Overall, he said, also never hidden