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Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

Artis Cantik Indonesia Titi Kamal Foto Artis Seksi

Foto Titi Kamal Artis Cantik
Foto Artis Titi Kamal Seksi cantik

Kurniati Kamalia more popular by the name of Titi Kamal, was born in Jakarta, on December 7 1981.
Titi career was preceeded from model during him became the Champion I Cover Girl Aneka Yess 1997, afterwards the youngest child from five related this began to star in the film among them TIRAI CINTA, CERITA CINTA, KEMBANG Padang KELABU, LILIN KECIL, PURA-PURA BUTA, and Cinta Anak Kampus.
The daughter of the couple Moch.
Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati this began to clear the world of the wide screen by starring in the TRAGEDY (2001), Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (2002), EIFEL I M IN LOVE (2003), and MENDADAK DANGDUT (2006).
Moreover in this Mendadak DANGDUT film, walked on the success with the song dangdut 'Jablay' (Jarang Dibelai) that was the album soundtrack his film.
Walk on that had the barely adequate voice was 'forced to' sing' several songs dangdut in the film directed by the director Rudi Sudjarwo.
Although could ga in, but apart from the assumption of the community precisely welcomed the Jablay song, that indeed had the lyrics became public.
Although his song was successful and succeeded in entering the MTV nomination award, former Best Model MTV 2002 this, was not interested developing the career in the world attracted the voice, especially music dangdut.

Daughter pair Moch. Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati start reaching this world with the big screen star Tragedy (2001), ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (2002), EIFEL I'M IN LOVE (2003) and Mendadak Dangdut (2006). Even in this film Mendadak Dangdut, Titi success with the song Dangdut Jablay (Rarely Dibelai) which is the film's soundtrack album.

Titi has a voice that hand to mouth 'forced' Dangdut sing some songs in the film director Rudi Sudjarwo landing it. Even though I had a PD, but beyond a doubt the community would welcome the good songs that do have lyrics in the lyrics-it.

Although the bands success and successful entry MTV award nominations, a former MTV Best Model in 2002, the claim is not interested in developing a career in the world pull the vote, especially Dangdut music.

Now the beautiful virgin always appear with black hair legamnya this restaurant opened a fast service Sunda style front kitchen. Restaurant that is located on Jl. Ir.H. Juanda No.27, precisely at the State Palace, Jakarta, the shape is a dream become a business woman Titi.

For a matter of love, a woman ready to confess all out at this stage akting eventually married kekasihnya which also stars Christian Sugiono sinetron. After having dropped out of a row, on 6 February 2009 has this pair perform weddings in Australia.

Success with the single Jablay in 2006, to provide capital for Titi for serious drag voice in the world. Not on track but Dangdut Pop R & B. The end of 2008, Titi released its first single with the title Better Self, and followed with a single second I worried that Tanpamu sung duet with Anji Drive.

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