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Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Kirana Larasati Artis Seksi ABG


Kirana Larasati is akting stars and film sinetron Indonesia. Sinetron popularize the name of them, Prince teaser, I NOT for you, PASANGAN HEBOH, ITUKAN CINTA CINTA and hate you.

Kirana Larasati Sexy

Women born in Jakarta, 29 August 1987 through this popular sinetron Azizah is showing success in SCTV. In this story, Kirana portray women girl named Azizah, a simple and stay in the middle of the community pemulung. Azizah expect in the sanctity of his life true love.

Kirana career in the entertainment world started from inadvertence. Kirana at that time in order to win the prize promotion film Eiffel ... I'M IN LOVE radio station held a Polaris. Gift dinner with Samuel Rizal and Sandy Aulia. There he met Dewi Yulia Razif, casting director Soraya PT Intercine Film casting the spell took a sinetron.

Foto Kirana Larasati

Debut akting Kirana is sinetron CINTA ITU KAN. Sinetron in that, playing with sahrul Kirana Gunawan, Bertrand Antolin, and Fera Feriska.

Not only sinetron, Kirana has also penetrated the big screen with a movie star and begins D'girlz gotcha.

Kirana also play in PUNYA WOMEN STORY (2008) an anthology story of four women garapan woman director, each Nia Dinata, UPI Avianto, Fatimah Tobing Lasja and F Susatyo. Himself to be where the main story in STORY OF YOGYA.

In the film portray figures Kirana Safina, a high school student who lost in the tomb of love, tradition, and technology. The existence of the Internet they take on the practice of sex-free because the absence of sex education is sufficient.

Students usually choose to spend time relaxing during their semester holidays. But this does not apply to the Kirana Larasti. At that time, he is busy in the location syuting film. "Enggak nothing deh, so liburanku produce more. Yes, the experience, my money also, "he said terkekeh.

Kiki, as she confessed disapa was surprised when told the manager if he got back a bid for playing movies. The new few weeks ago he played in the film 'D'girlz begins'.

Penyuka her green and black are starting to steal the public's attention since it appears in the film 'D'girlz begins'. Although it is the first wide screen film, a hobby, but do play basketball, bilar, watching movies and traveling this is often played sinetron. In fact, he even had time to decorate some of the ad. Maybe you still remember the ad Rexona episode 'Busway', nah, that ad is one of the ads that are decorated by three brothers from the youngest child pair M. Tia and Hanafiah this.

Kirana Larasati
Kirana Larasati
Kirana Larasati
Aktris Sinetron dan Film, Model Iklan

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