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Minggu, 06 September 2009

Foto Seksi Vj Marisa Nasution

Foto Marisa Seksi

VJ Marissa was Born in Jakarta, 8 February 1986, Marissa was obtained as a gift High Quality Singles Valentine episode in 2005, reality show Katakan CInta. But now the descendants of German women-Batak is a love affair with Daniel Mananta, which is also MTV VJ.
Marissa Nasution or better known as VJ Marissa, is a popular event of the event after the MTV VJ Hunt 2007.
starting career as a session on some events as MTV Guest VJ, before then becoming the official MTV VJ.

 Foto Sexi Marisa Vj MTVMarissa Nasution, or better known as VJ Marissa is a popular host the event after attending the MTV VJ Hunt 2007, although the title did not successfully achieved.

Beginning his career as host of the MTV by some as a Guest VJ, before later formally became MTV VJ.

Born in Jakarta, February 8, 1986, Marissa had a gift as a High Quality Singles on Valentine's Day episode in 2005, reality show Say Love. But now a woman of German descent-Batak is an affair with Daniel Mananta, which is also MTV VJ.

Now Marissa and Daniel together to host a talent contest program, Indonesian Idol. With the help of Dewi Sandra, Marissa Ata replace the role currently living in Australia.

In his love life, making love with Marissa professional colleagues at the MTV VJ Daniel. However, their relationship has now ended.

About a new boyfriend of VJ Marissa
Separated from Daniel Mananta, MTV video jockey Marissa Nasution claimed to have found her mooring men. A man faced a known albino named Rafael, known as a movie star's new boyfriend MY NAME IS DICK (2008) it.

In his testimony, former presenter INDONESIA IDOL is also denied that during this, his new girlfriend hidden from the public. But all of them, more because the boyfriend is never anything to do with the entertainment world. Because of that, her face never appeared on television.

Marissa also revealed that her ex-boyfriend was aware of and familiar with the man who has become her lover's. Overall, he said, also never hidden

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