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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Foto Nikita Willy Artis Sinetron

Indonesian Actress and Indonesian Sexy Girl because she is beautiful face and young Actress from Asia also Indonesian. Nikita willy very beauty and Cute at this Photo or Nikita Willy Photo.

Nikita Willy was born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994 is a young actress Indonesia the star has a number of ads, sinetron and film the big screen. Nikita Willy started his career in Indonesia the world of entertainment since the age of 7 years through sinetron Moon Stars. Name start Nikita Willy known public, when a role in MTV Roman Picisan with actor Evan Sanders.

Meanwhile, as the ad model, Nikita had been an ad model candy for Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon cosmetics, food Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII chocolate wafer and Rome.

Nikita Willy bugil
foto cantik nikita willy

foto telanjang Nikita Willy
Cewek Cantik

Nikita willy want to have breasts that big, beautiful woman who is still very young this attention to skin care body, he always went to the salon or spa beauty therapy to treat the body, but there is not yet making him feel comfortable, there is a lack of fit for himself , it is less breast its large, nikita willy the breast is too small at this time, but age is still young, growth hormone may not yet up to, Nikita willy is optimistic it will be big breasts naturally increase over age.

Nikita willy not want to use brass or plastic surgery breast with Silicon to enlarge breast, nikita still believe that the breast is large akan later when he was more mature.

News nikita willy toket gede want to have only some gossip from the media on the internet. truth this is still in doubt. We just concluded a few words that are on the internet about nikita willy. truth to the news, you can directly ask the artis cantik nikita willy.

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